Who Is Killed For Attempted Suicide?

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February 8, 2014. Exactly one year ago I was hospitalized for attempted suicide, but today I can’t imagine ending my life. I’ve had so many experiences in the past year that I can’t imagine not getting the chance to have. I’ve had my ups and downs, but I’ve never been as down as I was that night. That night my struggles almost overcame me, that night my demons tried to take my life right out of my hands. It had been a miserable day; bitter cold, the streets and sidewalks were capped in ice and snow, grey clouds hung low in the sky. There were barely ten students in class, but the teachers were still adamant about doing work. The school day seemed to be never ending, but eventually I was free. When I got home, I was both physically and …show more content…

Instead of grabbing a pen and paper like I had in the past I reached for my phone. There was only one person I knew I would miss, only one person I knew I was going to hurt, my best friend Erin. Even though there were four years between us and we only got to see each other once or twice a year, at heart we were sisters. I loved her, she was the only reason I hadn’t given up already. I turned on my phone and scrolled down to find her number. I didn’t know what to say to her, I didn’t want to hurt her, I didn’t want to leave her, but I didn’t think I had a choice. I sent her a sole word, goodbye. That’s all I could bring myself to say, my hands were sweating, my heart was pounding, my head felt like it was about to explode. I didn’t expect her to answer, I didn’t want her to answer, I didn’t want her to know yet, but alas she did. Lily what’s wrong? Lily are you okay? Lily you’re scaring me! Lily please answer me. No matter what she said to me all I would say was goodbye. My mind was set. There was no changing it. I dragged myself to the bathroom, my trembling hand reached for the medicine cabinet and grabbed every bottle of pills I could find and trekked back to my room. I sat down and realized my tears had finally stopped, I was no longer in pain, I was numb. I laid down on my bed and tossed back the bottle of pills, I felt the bitter pills slip down my throat. As I laid there I started to panic, it was really happening, this was it. I’m sorry, I’m so

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