Who Is King Oedipus Tragic Flaw

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Hamartia is an alternative expression for “tragic flaw”, that signifies the fatal flaw leading to a collapse of a tragic hero. King Oedipus possesses a disastrous and negative defect, which is pride. To the unluckiness of Oedipus, he adhered plenty of it to himself throughout his lifetime. Pride is an extremely powerful quality of self-importance or opinion, thus; it eventually leads Oedipus to decease. Primarily, Oedipus went to counter Creon accusing him of being a turncoat. Oedipus was brought to the assumption by his own state of mind that prophets Teiresias and Creon had gone against him to find Oedipus guilty of the murder of King Laius making him be certain of Creon become the new king. Oedipus was blinded by his high pride which ended
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