Who Is Lady Buggery Or Harmful?

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On a cold November morning, in the year of our Lord 1835, two lawfully convicted felons were hung by the neck on gallows erected outside London's notorious Newgate Prison. A large crowd bore witness to the ghastly ceromony and many persons present hissed to express their contempt for the outrageous injustice of both verdict and sentence.

The crowd had good reason to protest, for the two men executed had been arrested merely on spiteful, hearsay evidence of buggery. They were duly charged under The Offence Against the Person Act and not allowed to speak at their own trial. Although, there is one small mercy to be thankful for, the condemned pair were the last men ever to be executed in England for "abobinable and unnatural" homosexual behaviour.
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Turn a few pages of England's industrial history and you might set eyes on some unexpectedly feminine names amongst the newly mechanised mill and mine owners, names such as Anne Willows, better known as the fearless Lady Bob.

Ridiculed by some, yet tolerated by all, Lady Bob bundled up her wavy auburn hair and went way beyond the challenges of industry by living her life openly as a lesbian. Rich and passionate for women, Lady Bob was determined to love according to her nature, to be bold and hopefully find the perfect lover and take her as her wife.

Neither state nor church would recognise such a marriage, but a sympathetic community certainly would and there was no fear of prosecution for indulging in such a ceremony. Lady Bob's only fear was that she would never actually find a suitable wife, a woman who wanted something more from lesbianism than fleeting distractions in the bedroom.

Years past by and Lady Bob's search for a woman's hand in marriage seemed destined to be in vain, she began to despair of lasting true love, until one summer
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