Who Is Langston Hughes?

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Langston Hughes James Mercer Langston Hughes was born in 1902 in Joplin, Missouri. He grew up mainly in Lawrence, Kansas but also lived in Illinois, Ohio and Mexico. Constantly having to travel he wrote his poem that would make him famous, “The Negro Speaks of Rivers”. Having different expectations his parents slit up resulting in him living with his maternal grandmother.
( (African American Biographies)
Langston Hughes’s mother and grandmother both installed most of his dedication. They helped to shape his life and also his attitudes. Both were very resourceful women who helped Langston understand the importance of creativity. Hughes himself states that being driven early by his loneliness to books and the wonders of the world is what started him to constantly writing. His grandmother and mother pushed him to be the best that he could be. (African American Biographies)
Hughes graduated from high school in 1920 and then lived with his father in Mexico. He decided to move to New York to attend Columbia University. By this time Hughes had already had some work published in newspapers as well as journals. Though, he eventually dropped out he went on to live in Paris where he continued to develop and write poetry. Langston showed his work to Lindsay and he was so impressed that he was
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He then received a scholarship to attend Lincoln University. While attending he was introduced to a man named Carl Van along with many more novelist. They used their connections to help get Hughes’s first book. His novel, Not Without Laughter, provides an accurate picture of African American life in Lawrence during the early twentieth century. Later, Hughes creates a popular character of Jesse B Semple, a black urban American with an off- beat sense of humor and strong sense of racial awareness. (African American Biographies states that this is in New York
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