Who Is Like A Treasure Hunt?

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“Each day is like a treasure hunt”. James Baldwin in his story “Stranger in the villages” contrasts his experience as a black man in the village with his experience as a black man in the United States. During his journey, he faces with the odd reaction of the villagers as a stranger. Plato, The Allegory of the cave illustrates some prisoners that are chained in the cave and they could just see the wall in front of them that people are walking there. They wouldn’t able to turn their head and look around. Jumpa Lahiri in her story “This Blessed House” describes a newlywed, Twinkle and Sanjeev, that are moving into a new house. They find Christian icons everywhere. Twinkle tends to keep all the religious icons, which is related to the first owner of the home, but her husband is trying to get rid of these things. He thinks that all statutes and signs are hollow beliefs because they are not Christian. The story depicts the lack of true perception and the history keeps individuals to understand the nature of reality beyond the appearance. James Baldwin in “Stranger in a village Analysis” describes that the villagers just focus on his appearance. Baldwin describes a small town in Switzerland that he visits and faces with different attitudes in comparison with America. He feels like a stranger. When he arrives in the small Swiss village, all the villagers are shocked to see him. They look at him like an animal. The story pictures how the villagers would touch his hair and how they…
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