Who Is Lilith?

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The story of Lilith is one of empowerment that turns dark. Many People believe that Eve was the first woman, who was made from the rib of Adam. But many Hebrew text believe that when god created the Earth and Adam, he noticed that Adam was lonely. Noticing that Adam was lonely, God created from the earth a woman for Adam. The woman came to be known as Lilith ( Immediately Adam and Lilith began to argue. Adam had a very patriarchal belief that he was greater than Lilith, and by being so was obligated to submit to him sexually and generally. Lilith quickly dispensed this notion and argued that both she and Adam were created the same way and that neither was greater than the other due to that fact. But Adam was persistent in thinking he was the dominant of the two ( Lilith grew tired of Adam constantly trying to impose his dominance. So Lilith in anger, spoke the name…show more content…
The backstory behind the figure was that he was an ancient, evil spirit that was the eater of children’s souls. A spirit that has evolved over the years to incorporate a camera to bait children like a worm on a fishing line to “steal”. Once the demon is seen by the family of the child he wants, he has the ability to possess and haunt the family that usually ended in the horrific and gruesome death of said family. Baghuul required the souls of children in order to remain immortal ( The brother of Moloch, Bughuul adored and took to manifest himself in his brothers’ image. Baghuul mimicked Moloch’s worship and child sacrifice rituals before Moloch furiously shut Baghuul’s mouth with ash for all eternity ( Baghuul possessed his own realm and could only travel to the mortal world via images of himself
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