Who Is Marago A Villain

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Margo Roth Spiegelman is not the normal antagonist in a teen drama. Although Margo isn't exactly the “villain” in this novel, she is still the antagonist. She is gorgeous and has a popular and jock boyfriend, Jase. She wants others to view her personality as the typical popular girl. She doesn’t keep her adventurous attributes hidden from her friends, even though she is very secretive. She doesn’t fully show others her actual personality, Margo doesn’t want anyone to know that she's quite a mysterious person and not the outgoing person they all think of her as. Margo lives life to the fullest; she doesn’t like to stress over her future, as there is “no time[...]”(33) for her. Margo wants to be different from everyone else, she does many things that go against the norms of today’s society, she strongly believes in “random capitalization[...]”(32).…show more content…
She very easily and often points out the imperfections of society. Her tendency to find flaws in today’s society doesn’t give her the opportunity to look at herself and realize how much of a one dimensional “paper” figure she has become in front of society. Margo shows a false personality to society, she doesn’t show her true self. This shows how unreal Quentin’s love for Margo really is, he falls in love with whats on the outside, what she projects out to society. Margo says she finds judging people off their looks “ridiculous[...]”(41), but she still falsely portrays herself to society. Society has no other option than to judge her based on what she shows them, which is a very one dimensional image of herself. All in all, Margo is definitely not the typical antagonist in a teen drama, although she might project herself as the typical popular girl who has the good looks and a popular boyfriend. Under the fake image that is shown to society, Margo Roth Spiegelmans character in Paper Towns contradicts many stereotypes for the antagonist in a teen
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