Who Is Marilyn Monroe? Essay

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Growing up, I’ve always been that sibling who gets more than the other. That being said, I’m the only granddaughter out of all the grandkids. I have more advantages unlike the boys. I started collecting Marilyn Monroe items from posters, signs, and even blankets. Until one day, I got a very special item that made me appreciate where and whom it came from. It all started around four or five years ago when all I want to buy is Marilyn Monroe. Everyone collects certain items and I happen to start collecting anything and everything of the one and only Marilyn Monroe. Starting off, I had gotten my first poster and really loved how gorgeous she was. She had caught my eye with her beauty and humor. It seemed as I started to notice her, she appeared on a lot of items. Everywhere I went there was her face on an item. Right then and there I noticed how popular she became. From the 1950’s too this generation, she was still being talked about. Her lavish lifestyle, modeling and even being an actor was a huge accomplishment and made me realize she lived the life many of us dreamed of. Marilyn’s background and making her way to Hollywood, is really what had me interested in who she was and how she became one of the biggest sex icons in the 1950’s and 1960’s. As my collection started to grow from purchasing cups, shot classes, framed posters. My family realized that I have a huge passion for Marilyn Monroe. My room started fill up more and more and there began to be no more wall
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