Who Is Martin Luther King Jr Go To Jail

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Martin Luther King Jr. was a social justice leader, ambassador, and an icon to the African American communities in the United States during the !950’s and 1960’s. He was an icon for what he did in his lifetime that made him so well known. He all around helped the community and gave awareness to what he was trying to say. He wanted peace, freedom, and equality no matter what religion and race you were. He tried to express this to many people. Results of this ended with him going to jail for protesting on what he believed in. He had a major impact on influencing others on the awareness on race relations in the United States. His marches, speeches, and leadership started in the mid 1950’s to ban segregation the United States. This was the era of segregation and discrimination against other men, woman, boys, and girls. The era of what race you were and what you believed in. Martin Luther King Jr was born on January 15, 1929 in Georgia, United States.
He had an older sister and a younger brother.
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He even went to colleges for doctoral study to become a doctor. Martin then enrolled into Boston University to receive a Ph.D. He was awarded the degree in 1955 and was only 25 years old when this happened.
He was widely known for the marches he led and the speeches he gave to the African American community. It wasn't just the African Americans, he also wanted to spread out this message to every race that was affected by this. On August 28, 1963 the historic march on Washington was known for drawing over 200,000 marchers and participators to hear the speeches. Martin Luther King jr.’s speech was his most famous speech named “I Have A Dream”.
He had a career of being a very influential social justice leader and icon. He had many successes and times he would be thrown in jail. On April 4, 1968 he was shot by a man named James Earl Ray. He was shot by a sniper’s bullet and was announced dead. Many people
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