Who Is More Moral: Hercules or Perseus

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World religions: who is more moral, Hercules or Perseus Greek and Roman mythologies have their differences and its similarities, the gods are somewhat similar, they rule the same things, do the same things but are named differently, some differences are with the myths that the religions hold, myths about heroes, heroines, and mystical creatures. Hercules and Perseus are half-brothers, and they both are quite courageous, and powerful heroes, but there are some differences between them. I think that Hercules is a more moral hero, because when he killed his wife and son, he felt that he needed to be punished, and went to do the 12 labors. Perseus grew up on an island, because before he was born, his mother’s father, Acrisius, fought his brother for the throne of Argos, when he won he forced his brother into exile. Acrisius had no male heir, but he had a daughter named Danae. Acrisius wanting a son from his daughter went to an oracle and was told a prophecy, that his daughters son will kill him, so Acrisius, fearing for his life, imprisoned his daughter in one of the towers, but then Zeus came down in the form of a gold shower, and fell onto her. Then Danae gave birth and named the child Perseus, so Acrisius placed Perseus and his mother in a wooden chest and threw them in a river, Zeus sent winds and blew them to an island where a poor fisherman, called Dictys, fished them out, and Perseus ended up having a happy childhood. Hercules came from Argos, his mother, Alcmene, was

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