Who Is Myers Briggs Personality Test?

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Introduction I have been always sceptical about personality tests, seeing them as another form of horoscope or fortune cookies, which establish a set of vague of personalities descriptions. Although I was aware that Myers Briggs personality test are used by companies all over the world, I knew that they lack scientific credibility. Despite these doubts I have approached the Module 4 Group Assignment with positive and enthusias-tic attitude. Surprisingly, my Myers Briggs result turned out to be very close to reality. Classified as ENFP, it described me as “independent, energetic and trustful person, that can change the world with an idea” . Likewise my co-workers and friends consider myself as enthusiastic communicator, confi-dent in…show more content…
It allowed us to bring more creativity and energy to build teamwork effectiveness. Our first meeting started with introductions of each professional background. We believed that the acknowledging differences were important to appreciate the contributions. It allowed us also to build trust and collaborative approach. Identifying extremes of personalities were an important basis to set up the work process. We have tailored our work method to include both needs of working individually and together during the weekend workshops. As an individual I prefer to work independently, but this method let me un-derstand that no everyone interprets group tasks and interpret problems the same way. We have decided to meet after a week of individual analysis of the assignment. Next time to influence the better time management outcome, I would organise the first workshops earlier to clearly split the tasks, set up the goal and dictate the pace of work. The difficulties arose after finding out that one of the colleagues will be absent during the significant teamwork period. It caused frustration and complicated the way we could divide the work. As a solu-tion, we have decided to work as much as we can remotely and split the presentation tasks between those who were available. Collaborative and trust through different stages of work became our biggest strength. I understand that once everybody shares the same commitment
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