Who Is Napoleon's Power In Animal Farm

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When Napoleon wasn’t working, which was very often, or attending meetings with the other pigs and animals, he was usually taking care of the puppies which he had locked in a room in the house which the other animals wouldn’t have look. Besides no one was really looking for them, they basically didn’t even realise that the puppies were even gone, let alone they remembered that there were any puppies. Napoleon had the guineas idea of making them grow up to be ruthless and scary to protect himself and to get a rid of Snowball. Napoleon had enough of Snowball. Him getting the attention and not using the power he had to take control over the farm and the animals.

Raising the puppies in the beginning was tough for Napoleon, such as: there was only one of him and several pups, and it was hard to get them to follow his orders. He got irritated easily before he started to train the dogs, so you can imagine the amount of anger this induced on him.
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He didn’t stop though, he made a big speech to them which he was going to tell the others when they were ready, he tried to convince them that Snowball was in league with the humans like Mr. Jones. Now most of the pups believed him. They were only a couple of months old, and Napoleon was the one who raised them when their parents did not take responsibility and raise them.

There was one puppy however who was the oldest out of the bunch, his name was buster, he thought that thought doing this would create mayhem on the farm. When he was alone with his brothers and sisters, he tried to talk them out of doing it and instead try to escape the room which they were in, but they were too small to reach the door handle, even if they were able to reach it, it would have been hard for them to use it when they didn’t have hands. They were trapped and they couldn’t
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