Who Is Non Diegetic Sound?

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The three basic categories of sound are dialogue, sound effects and music. Dialogue is the conversations in the film that are the characters that further the development of the plot of the movie (Goodykoontz & Jacobs, 2014, pg. 202). Sound effects are used in the film to create realism while keeping the story interesting to maintain the viewers on the edge of his or her seats. Sound effects could also include diegetic or non-diegetic sound. Music is the sound used to help tell or enhanced the scene. It also makes the movie more exciting and upbeat.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a movie that has various categories of sound used to bring the characters to life in a fairy tale theme. A perfect example of non-diegetic sound
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The first time we see Snow White; she immediately starts singing along with the white doves, this could signify the love and kindness. Shortly after this; she is forbidden to return. So she runs into the woods, were she meets the small animals, and she sings with them as well. The wicked queen tries numerous times to kill Snow White, and although she is in great danger, she still continues to sing music throughout the film to add joy. Somehow she still manages to find good in all people, animals, creatures and she does this by singing. The music used throughout the music shows that the theme of love and kindness is what wins in the end. Consequently, the evil queen’s jealousy and selfishness do not pay off in the…show more content…
Other parts of realistic may include her being surprised by the prince in the beginning and when she met the seven dwarfs. The exaggerated or unexpected sound effects would probably be Snow White’s whole attitude about singing and not act scared about the evil queen vengeance to stop at nothing until her death.

The film will be different if you remove the key component of music in the movie. The music in the film allows Snow White to utilize this sound to intensify the positive that allows this movie to be a fairy tale. If you remove music, there would be no happy ever after and perhaps everything would be dark and sound evil instead. Therefore, would not be a fairy tale or
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