Who Is Oedipus To Blame For The Murder Of Lais?

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Oedipus was the King of Thebes who is investigating to find the murder of their friend Lais. The citizens were begging Oedipus to lift the plague and save their city Thebes. Oedipus sent Creon out to try to figure out some deals on the murder of Lais, but little did Oedipus know that he himself killed Lais. If they find the man who murdered Lais this will end the plague. Oedipus then comes to find out that he is one of the suspects of Lais murder. When Oedipus was a young boy, that he is destined to kill his father and marry his own mother Oedipus’s later find out that his father is Lais. His real parents abandoned him, so the shepherd gave Oedipus to Lais and Jocasta. Oedipus then realizes he was the person to kill his father Lais. He also
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