Who Is Pratchett's Monstrous Regiment?

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A Closer Look Monstrous Regiment is an intriguing novel by Terry Pratchett. The characters throughout the novel are complex and often perform actions that are ethically questionable. Commander Samuel Vimes is one such character whose actions should be looked at more closely to understand if he did indeed act ethically or unethically. Vimes is stated to be the “second most powerful man of Ankh-Morpork” (Pratchett 14), which is in an alliance with Zlobenia. Zlobenia and Borogravia are currently at war, which on the surface is about their borders, but on a deeper level is about the ruler of Zlobenia, Prince Heinrich, feeling he is the rightful heir to Borogravia. Once Vimes becomes aware of Polly’s Borogravian group and the trouble they are causing, he makes no attempt to eliminate the enemy. Vimes actually has two members of the Watch keep an eye on them. Vimes is even aware the group is made of women through Sergeant Angua. Vimes even goes so far as to help the Borogravians by dropping a bag of coffee beans for Maladict. The Utilitarian ethical theory states that what makes an action ethical or unethical are the good or bad results of the action. Actions are chosen to increase pleasure and avoid suffering and, some pleasures are better or higher than others. The theory, therefore, focuses on the outcome of a person’s actions…show more content…
Waiting to judge Vimes’ actions until the end of the book allows the good consequences of his actions to become clear. Vimes wants to stop the war, which will save both Zlobenian and Borogravian soldiers. Vimes is a man who thinks and cares about saving the lives of the Borogravian people. Vimes knows if the war does not end soon allowing food to be sent into Borogravia that countless people will die from starvation. Vimes is choosing a higher good and clearly acting in the best interest of as many people as possible and is, therefore, acting
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