Who Is Provided Access?

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1. Who is provided access?
When taking a look at the government financed, it is inclined to make health care available to every individual in the nation. This system give the most basic level of care to those who need it. People are assessed small fees and also pay for their coverage through taxes. With the way that this system is set up, the government can chose to provide for itself or they can decide to use a second party with some type of mutual agreement between the both. In government based health care the government can provide for itself or may use a secondary party to provide. I the United States a prime example of this system is what most Americans know as Medicare and Medicaid.
Looking at the latter of the two, market-based financing, it is primarily via the individual’s employer or a private company the individual pays for on the side. This type of system enables spouses or children to be covered under an insurance umbrella. It also can become expensive and limited depending on who a particular company chooses for coverage.

2. How much coverage is provided?
The United States Government has instituted a new reform in the country known as The Affordable Care Act. This change was put into action to help with many services that individuals of lower income could not afford. The idea behind it was to cover as many people that it possibly could and bring health care and preventive services to overall help the health of the American country. The services that…
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