Who Is Really For Africa?

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Who is really for Africa

When the colonists left they promised that they will help Africa in development.yes much of the aid still comes from our colonists but however the delopment has been slow.it is very strange that sook after African countries gained freedom there were power struggles orchestrated from withing or by external forces.what we see now in Syria,Iraq and Afghanistan is as a result of this madness.when America and England Iraq they left a power vacuum that soon after they left the country warring factions started attcking each other in hope to gain the polo all victory.

In third world countries even in the so called civilized country 's political power is a means to and end.if it wasn 't no one would want it.so the question is,if the western countries left a promise to help Africa develop and help it financially if possible hast happens or the benefits have been overshadowed by the wars and in ending conflicts of our beloved motherland.the question is whose fault is it,whose fault is it.how come soon after independence Africa experience dictatorships that still exist till today.who taught these president to act the way they do.i mean this was not done before there were no rule books of cheating elections hiding money in foreign banks and corruption.are Africans that evil naturally that they just destroy their people because of wealth

Can 't Africans learn to be good to one another.who benefits from the chaos that exists in Africa.whose hand is behind all
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