Who Is Responsible For Macbeth's Death

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Lady Macbeth was more responsible for the death of King Duncan then Macbeth.Throughout the story Macbeth is sort of on an emotional rollercoaster bouncing between I should kill him, but he’s such a nice guy, and then back to I should kill him. Throughout the play Macbeth seems to be more playing the role of a child and Lady Macbeth the mother having control over everything Macbeth does through manipulation and demeaning him. During WWII the sedition act was passed so that someone…show more content…
5. 2.). Macbeth had begin to question himself and his decisions and instead of reassuring Macbeth she told him he was a coward and that she question the love between him and her. Lady Macbeth never really supported Macbeth and always tried to control everything he did so he really had no ability to make any decisions for himself. ”What beast was't, then, That made you break this enterprise to me?When you durst do it, then you were a man” (Shakesphere 1. 5.) Basically whenever Macbeth disagreed with his wife she just made him second guess himself and made him think he wasn't good enough or smart enough and basically feel he had no choice but to listen to her because she was superior to
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