Who Is Responsible For The Downfall Of Romeo And Juliet

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The Downfall of Romeo and Juliet Gryphon Pressling

In the play ‘‘Romeo and Juliet’’ there is a lot of scenarios that could be held responsible for the downfall of the two lovers Romeo and Juliet. Throughout the play Romeo and Juliet go through a lot to be together, even though it doesn’t work out in the end due to the risk of what Romeo and Juliet are trying to accomplish. There is a lot of people that could be to blame like the Capulets and how they throw Juliet’s feelings to the side or Friar Lawrence for being irresponsible or simply just Romeo and Juliet’s fault for letting themselves get blinded by love and not think straight.

Firstly, you could blame the Capulets because of how they were treating Juliet and how she feels. Throughout the story Juliet’s father is trying to force her to marry a man named Paris who Juliet does not love. Even though Juliet states how she feels about being forced to marry someone her father didn’t listen nor did he care about what she has to say.‘‘Hang thee, young baggage! Disobedient wretch… My fingers itch... Out on her, hilding’’ 3.5.161-169. This shows that he doesn’t care about his Juliet's feelings. This caused Juliet to keep her marriage with Romeo a secret and because of the two families feud between each other.
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Friar Lawrence is also the person who came up with the terrible plan to pretend Juliet is dead, so Romeo can run away with her. He also was the one that was going to send the letter but he gave it to a message carrier when he would’ve been better off giving it to Romeo
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