Who Is Roger Telling In Lord Of The Flies

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Lord of the Flies has turned into a savage story; the reason it’s a vicious story is because this boy, named Roger, is an aggressive, cruel hostile. He doesn’t show no mercy in his killing; he kills his prey like it’s fun and games. He’s becoming to be chief of everything because of the way he acts. He has also killed survivors on the beach. When I read these parts about him, really thought he was a devilish child. He also represents the sow’s chopped head. Roger is a cold blooded killer. Roger thinks it’s fun and games when it comes to hunt. He’ll find the food, and then kill however he wants to. Then he’ll say the phrase, “Kill the pig! Cut its throat! Kill the pig! Bash it in!” He had put a spear in pig’s rectum and made it suffer, and
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