Who Is St. Michael?

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Some of the most iconic pieces of art work are oil on canvas. This includes art pieces such as Thomas Gainsborough The Blue Boy, Vincent Van Gogh’s Portrait of Dr. Gachet, and the most recognized artwork in the work Leonardo Da Vinci Mona Lisa. The invention of oil painting in most credited to European painter Jan van Eyck in the 15th century, but evidence of oil painting has been found Afghanistan that suggest that oil painting has been with us for much longer. In its early days most oil paintings were done on wood or used to paint sculptures. Toward the end of the 15th century canvas became the prime material on which oil painting was done on as it allow for bigger artworks and did not require the difficult processes of preparation that…show more content…
The artist of this painting is unknown but is thought to be painted sometime in the 1690s. This piece is a great example of luminosity. The light that shines over Archangel Saint Michael seems to be an actual light and the skin of Saint Michael seems to glow. Although the passage of time does seem to have robbed the paint of some of its glow as the background looks much paler in comparison to Saint Michael himself. The usage of bending is ever present in this artwork as can best be seen in the armor worn by Saint Michael. The use of this technique allows the artist to give the impression of depth, this make the armor look much more lifelike. It is also use to give the illusion of the cape flowing in the wind. The artist used atmospheric depth to distance Saint Michael from the clouds in the background and shines a light from above his head in order to highlight the importance of Saint Michael. When standing in front of this artwork the sense of respect and admiration the artist felt toward Saint Michaels can be felt. The artist painted Saint Michael is a very powerful stance that is meant to portray the significance that Saint Michael has in religion. The fact that Saint Michael dawns armor and wields a staff with the cross over top demonstrates that Saint Michael is viewed as a protector of the…show more content…
Giovanni is a famous urban landscape artist and is most well-known for is painting The Stonemason's Yard. Giovanni uses linear perspective with a single vanishing point at the center of the painting. Vista del Molo illustrates a palace on the right side of the painting with a waterfront marketplace to the left. Linear perspective is used to give depth to the paint. However, this is not the only technique the artist to show depth. The artist also paints the foreground much clearer with the background lack contrast and details to show the distance that the object are from the foreground. In the background most things tend to blend with the environment, the clouds with the blue color of the sky and the buildings all seem to be connected. As with Entrance to a Palace a light source is used on the left side of the painting to create shadows giving depth to each individual subject in the painting. The change in value is used to emphasize certain things such as the building on the left. Bright, vibrant color show that this building was of much more importance that the rest of the subjects in the artwork. The architecture seen in the buildings gives a clue of when they were built. The big building in background features a couple of domes and the building in the left have pillars and archway that are of the roman era. The presences of so many people indicated that this was an
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