Who Is Stephanie Dalley's The Mysterious Hanging Gardens Of Babylon

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One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon is the only one whose location has not been definitively established. The various speculations regarding the location of this Seven Wonders was the topic of a talk by Stephanie Dalley titled “The Mysterious Hanging Gardens of Babylon.” Stephanie Dalley is a British scholar of the Ancient Near East and is now retired as a Research Fellow from the Oriental Institute, Oxford. Dalley’s primary interest is her investigation into the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, and her proposal that it was situated in Nineveh, and constructed during Sennacherib's rule. Dalley began the talk by describing the Hanging Gardens’ distinctive structure.The gardens are believed to have been a remarkable feat of engineering, which included an ascending series of tiered gardens containing a variety of trees, shrubs, and vines. The gardens were said to have looked like a large…show more content…
Tracing the history of the Garden, Dalley describes how the decipherment of an original text and its link to sculpture in the British Museum has enabled her to pin down where the Garden was positioned. Though many writing indicate that the Hanging Gardens were in Babylon, Dalley argues that maps may have been confused, and the writers were actually talking about Nineveh. Not only did “The Mysteries of the Hanging Gardens” by Stephanie Dalley provide a unique insight on an ancient wonder, but it was also great to attend an event outside of my major. Though I knew some about the Hanging Gardens from past history courses, I certainly did not know about its origins (or the multiple possible origins) or its specific features. The event was insightful, memorable and allowed me to explore one of the many mysterious outside my
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