Who Is Stephen King A Worthy Writer?

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Stephen King Stephen King, now 70 years old, has been writing since he was 7 years old, has written at least 92 novels, has published 55 novels, sold over 350 million copies and is known for writing novels that include suspicion, horror,science fiction, or fantasy. King uses many details and really gets in depth in his stories, which makes some people want to keep reading or keeps them on their toes. Stephen King is obviously a very successful writer, but is he a worthy writer? When King writes, he focuses on writing to please himself and not others. While using broken sentences and not always having good endings, he writes in the way he prefers instead of worrying about how others would want him to write. Some people think that…show more content…
One of the tips King says is to not care about others with think, and says to write as if you were telling yourself the story. Perhaps the reason king is a worthy writer is because he doesn’t hold back when it comes to writing his stories because he’s over thinking on how to please the readers. Of course the goal for him is to satisfy the readers so they will keep purchasing his books, but there’s so many people to please when he writes, if he focused more on that, things might not turn out how he wants them too. King states in some of his tips that he doesn’t take more than 3 months to complete a draft, if he did, the story might become less interesting and he could lose his grip on the plot, or the characters could become less exciting, which may be why he likes going at a fast pace. He then says to take a “step back” for a few weeks that way when you read over it, you can spot the mistakes you made and correct them. Although not everyone likes Stephen King’s novels, he is a worthy writer; He puts time and dedication into the stories, does his best to keep the characters interesting, and makes the reader feel for the characters. Not only does King do a good job of keeping some readers interested, he makes some feel as if they were in that story he’s created. Even though not everyone enjoys his writing, many people
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