Who Is The Allied Health Field?

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Allied Health is an important area in the health field. Approximately 60% of the United States health care work force is Allied Health. (Shi &Singh 2013) Professional in allied health is a person who has received a certificate; such as an associate’s bachelor’s, master’s degree, doctoral level preparation, or a post baccalaureate training. (Shi & Singh 2013) All certificates have to be science related to health care. The services that Allied Health professionals give includes evaluating patients, preventing diseases and disorders, helping their patients with dietary and nutritional problems and rehabilitation to state a few. Examples of jobs in the allied field include, physical therapy or assistant, occupational therapy or assistant, respiratory therapy technicians, dietitian, speech language pathologists and radiological technicians to name a few. The allied health field or any healthcare field can be rewarding for whoever is in the career but it can also have many challenges or obstacles for the workers. Some challenges may include the cost and investing of your time, not having enough workforce, shortages of workers and not enough high quality workers in the field can be threatening allied health fields today. The first known obstacle threatening the allied health field is the cost of becoming an allied health professional and the time you will have to invest. Many occupations in the felid require a lot of education, which cost money. Some students who dream to
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