Who Is The American Civil War?

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When an United States citizen is asked about the American Civil War, their first thought is usually about how the Union and Confederacy fought over whether man should or should not have the right to own slaves. While this issue was the main cause and the biggest factor that led to the American Civil War, it is not the only cause or factor. In Jeffery Dixon’s article, What Causes Civil Wars? There are two other big issue that cause counties to go war against each other. Those two other issues are; economy and geography. Civil Wars are fought over what land belongs to who and what is the best way to spend and receive money. The other two factors they would help eventually lead to the American Civil War are Protectionism and the crisis over…show more content…
“The most widely accepted relationship between economic factors and civil war is that high-income nations are less likely to experience civil wars than low-income nations.” (Dixon 714). The disagreements over how to spend money and tax imported goods, and how territories should be distributed, cause this one nation to fight against each other. The second factor that led to the American Civil War is the fight over new land. With obtaining new states let it be from buying them, negotiating for it, or full out taking over land from other countries, there was always the question of whether those states would be entered into the country as free states or slave states? The new land had been distributed equally between the free states and the slave states, but there was still fighting over the territories west of the Mississippi. Northern Mexico and California had been taken over by the United States kin 1848, and any states that were proslavery states wanted to expand their land and have more that were slaveholding states. The North did not want more slave holding states, they wanted to limit the increase of territory that was proslavery and to also limit the power proslavery states possessed. The American Civil was about more than if humans should have to right to own other human beings. It was also a fight over how money should be spent and imported and exported goods taxed; as well as how new land should be distributed. The South was benefiting
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