Who Is The American Dream?

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It’s hard to tell when someone starts to daydream about what his or her life could be. It must start early because as a child, I’ve always envisioned my future life to be the American dream. I must have inherited that dream for my mother; she came to the United States from Mexico when she was merely 15 years old. She came to pursue the same dream; she wanted to have the opportunity to achieve wealth and success. Growing up in a traditional Hispanic household is something I will always cherish, but a characteristic of Hispanic culture is the mindset that women were made to be housewives and mothers. This trait blended in with my American dream, I thought as a child, perhaps I could be the mother that was always baking and cleaning. I wanted a two-story house with a white picket fence and an American Flag in the front yard, the ideal family of three with a golden retriever, I wanted to be the perfect housewife; I wanted the American Dream. As a child your dreams haven’t been affected by reality, but over time your dreams change. I realized in life there is so much more than just the materialistic aspect. My American dream consisted of material things; I never wished to be happy, but to just to have things. Now, my greatest aspiration in life is to be happy; which to me means to be financially stable, to earn a master’s degree, and have a wonderful job that allows me to give back to the community. The biggest difference between my American dream and my goal to be happy is that
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