Who Is The Antagonist In The Giver

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Identify the movie by stating its title, the year it was released, the name of the director, where the story is set, and the time period in which the story takes place.

Notes: The Giver. Released in 2014 by The Weinstein Company and Directed by Phillip Noyce.

Who is the protagonist and what is he or she like?

Notes: His name is Jonas. He is 18 years old. Jonas is smart, he has integrity and he is hard headed. He wants to make a difference.

Who or what is the antagonist and what is he, she, or it like?

Notes: The chief elder is the antagonist. She is in charge of the entire community. She is a bit older, she is uptight and strong willed.

What is the conflict that is driving the protagonist to act?

Notes: Man vs. society. The Chief Elder has control over people's feelings and
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2: Notes: Importance of knowledge - As humans, we never stop learning. From the day we are born to the day we die, we are constantly gaining knowledge, the knowledge that we have makes us the people we are.

Lesson No. 3: Notes: Being unique - If we are all the same life would be boring and rather pointless. The point of being unique gives life meaning.

Identify two devices of fiction, such as motif, symbol, foreshadowing, flashback, foil, opposition, irony, or language choice (diction) that are used in the story and describe how they affect plot progression, assist in character development, or convey meaning.

Agency - A major theme in this movie is lack of agency, the member of the community can choose almost nothing for themselves, they don’t know any better. Without choices or opportunity people don’t learn for themselves.

Sled - The sled represents freedom, without the sled Jonas probably wouldn’t have crossed the boundary, without crossing the boundary the people wouldn’t know any better. I loved how in the movie, the first vision Jonas saw was of the sled and how at the end, the sled was Joans’s saving grace, if you

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