Who Is The Appointed View Of A Few?

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Submit to the appointed view of a few? In Plato’s Republic, during the City and Speech outline, Socrates speaks to the role of the political community to both shape the individual and guide the individual towards his or her highest potential. In drastic contrast to modern liberals, Socrates prescribes the political state or select elite as the originator of what defines the ideal good life and ultimately what it means to reach ones respective arête comes within the authoritative realm of the overarching political community. It is modern liberals that correctly reject this top down approach instead leaving the atomistic individual, through their respective differentiated life experiences, to settle for themselves what respectably defines reaching arête or reaching the highest form of the good life. Through independent life experiences, not the edicts of the political community, do individuals form their ideal form of the good life. Outlined by Socrates in the Republic, during the City and Speech, he calls for societal fundamentals of socialism, centralizing control over the citizens idea of the good life. This desire can be seen through Socrates discussion of where achievement of happiness or the ideal good life originates, particularly for whom it is aimed, for the city as a whole unit and not for any particular societal segment, grouping or individual. Further Socrates also contends in opposition to inequalities in wealth. The City and Speech features facets of
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