Who Is The Best For Your Brain Is A Whole New Level Of Toughness?

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Physically working out your muscles to complete fatigue is one thing, but mentally doing the same to your brain is a whole new level of toughness. Every person learns at different speeds, as well as perform better in some subjects over others. After taking the Multiple Intelligence Survey i was able to see what learning styles i am most comfortable with. Twenty-five percent towards linguistics, fifty percent towards logical-mathematical, forty-two percent towards visual-spatial, thirty-one percent towards intrapersonal, sixty-nine percent towards interpersonal, forty-four percent towards musical, forty-two percent towards bodily-kinesthetics, and thirty-three percent towards naturalistic. These results are not very surprising to me because, my top three styles were what i would have expected based on past experience. The top three styles i am way more comfortable with than any of the others, which are mathematics, interpersonal, and musical. These results will help me understand the best methods in which i excel in learning the most. Mathematics is the subject in school that i have succeeded in the most. It has always come easy to me, and i was able to learn things very quickly when it had to do with math and numbers. When using math and numbers in other subjects, i felt like i was able to understand the subject more and was able to learn quicker as well. For example, during some of my history classes there would be times where we were learning about a certain time in

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