Who Is The Best Option?

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People will always encourage you to never give up. But sometimes, I 've found, giving up is the best option you have, because you realize one day that you 're wasting your time. As I fought the urge to punch my parents in the face, I realized that was the case. I was wasting my time trying to convince them that regardless of the upbringing they have forced upon me, I was going to live my own life the way I feel pleased to live it. I scanned the room we were feuding in: a small living room with pictures of Bruce Springsteen where the average, normal family would have had portraits of themselves. Moreover to the left, there was a small frame containing my face, painted stark white with black motifs where ever they chose to place them. A Kiss concert, because where else would an art major want to spend his time? Certainly not at the art show his parents forced him to miss so he could attend the 'concert of a lifetime. ' "I can 't believe this," my father started. "Your destiny. Our family name. You want to waste it on paint?" He paced when he was angry, which made his beer belly flop around. His band t-shirt fit too snugly on his protruding stomach, so his hands were placed strategically to nonchalantly lower the chances of his midriff collapsing. Though it hardly helped. My mother sat on the couch, her bubblegum pink braids hanging low along with her head. "I thought you wanted this, Tripp. I thought you liked rock and roll, being in the family band. Don 't you want to
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