Who Is The Best?

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In life we all go through our own trials and tribulations, some of those trials we can overcome with ease; while others are meant to set us back. They come up in our life at the least expected time and we try our best to overcome the obstacles that are thrown at us the best way we know how. Some individuals are strong enough to handle whatever is thrown at them and some individuals become weak when something out of the ordinary happens. There are two women apart of my life that experienced an illness that has impacted my life in a great way and both women handled their experience differently. In 2008, my paternal aunt was diagnosed with Lymphoma. Before being informed about her illness, my aunt was a very happy individual who was always giving a helping hand to others. Who would have thought that her life would take a turn for the worst and it would be others giving her a helping hand. My aunt had started to notice some changes going on with her body for over an extended period of time. She was always tired and her lymph nodes stayed swollen. After having the symptoms for about three weeks, my aunt decided to go to the doctor. I remember the day like it was yesterday when all of my family got together for a family meeting and my aunt hit us all with the news from the doctor. It left us all speechless for a few minutes, but as a family we knew we had to stick together and be strong for my aunt. During the beginning of the radiation treatments and multiple doctor

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