Who Is The Best Psychiatrist?

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When contemplating suicide, seeking out help from a trained professional, like a psychiatrist, would be one of the safest, and probably best idea. A psychiatrist, trained to diagnose and treat mental illnesses, would help by showing the light, the reason to live, and prescribing medication that would help keep the internal demons quiet, allowing the person who was contemplating suicide to go on living their life, fully and happily. Luckily for the protagonist in Morris Panych’s 7 Stories play, Man, he meets Leonard, a psychiatrist, while standing on the ledge of a seventh floor apartment building, poised to jump. Unfortunately for Man, Leonard is not the best psychiatrist. Through Leonard’s speech it is revealed that Leonard is a psychiatrist, and that he hates the mentally ill. Leonard talks about working nights at the “loony bin” and then running a private practice in the mornings. Leonard claims that he has not slept in three years, and does not care since he believes that his patients do not even notice since they are so drugged up they sleep all day anyway. This speech from Leonard acts as a foreshadowing for the rest of the play, as it shows how self-absorbed all the characters in this apartment are. Leonard’s speech also affects the plot of the play by being one of the first characters to show off the over-arching theme of the play, that life, daily routines, and relationships are ultimately meaningless, Leonard specifically showcases that life means nothing through
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