Who Is The Best Solution?

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When examining the world today, it appears to be constructed in a certain order. This is due to specific standards and laws that individuals must abide by. Each of these rules and regulations are implemented by great visionaries called leaders. It is important for an individual to keep an open mind when implementing such laws. It is evaluating both sides of the argument to come into an agreement for the best solution. Visionaries thrive to inspire and gain the trust of society by not only considering solutions for the present, but avoiding potential threats for the future. Trustworthy leaders ensure confidence and security in order to reach a common goal. There will be controversy in demands for policies that will take place. Being humble helps to keep peace during the adversity.
The first characteristic that is vital for a leader to have it vision. What exactly does it mean to obtain this trait? According to Colette Taylor, Casey Cornelius, and Kate Colvin 's journal, "visionary leadership has been defined as the ability to create and articulate clear visions providing meaning and purpose to the work of an organization (Nanus and Sashkin, 1992)" (2014). When a leader has a plan beforehand, it helps to create careful and well thought out decisions. In certain occasions, the leader 's ideas can contradict with some of the group members, when their goal is to be on the same page. A leader with vision provides direction and expectation for what the future has to bring.
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