Who Is The Best Thing?

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They are fighting again thought Aria. She knew the routine they would argue….sometimes it would get physical and then they would make up. Tonight had a weird atmosphere the fight lasted longer than expected and this time it was just mom yelling. Dad just stood there in silence with a tear shedding down his cheek. Aria knew her dad never cried so she knew something was off about tonight. Suddenly Aria sees her mom reach for her purse and walk out the house. Aria didn 't know what to do she just sat there in disbelief. While her dad stood in the kitchen screaming for her to comeback. The rest of that night faded away. Aria is now fifteen and day by day she gets more curious about why her mom left. She realizes that at this age she really…show more content…
Do you need more?’’ Aria got really confused and speechless she said ‘’look all I wanted to know is why mom left you need to chill’’. Aria then stormed out of the kitchen into her room. She stayed in there all night until her dad came in her room. She pretend to be asleep so her dad just tucked her in. Her dad knew he didn 't have to blow up but he couldn 't bare to tell her the truth either. The next day Aria got ready to go to school but as she left the house she noticed a purse sitting on the table,but she didn 't question it and left. Her day went on normally with her being the social butterfly like always. Her persona welcomed new friends. They way her light brown curls bounced with every head movement or the way her green eyes glistened. Aria had a likeable charm. As another good school day passed she eagerly needed a walk home to think about the night before and why her dad blew up the way he did. Aria went on her usual path home, It had no other walkers on it but that 's why she loved it so dearly. As Aria walked home her quietness got interrupted when she heard crunching in the leaves. She looked around and saw no one. ‘’Aria honey is that you,I have been looking for you”said a voice Aria couldn 't locate. ‘’Leave me alone how do you know my name’’shouted Aria. Suddenly a thin figure comes out of the woods. As it approached Aria she saw a thin light skinned women with green eyes wearing jeans,a tshirt,and a face filled with joy. The women also had the same
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