Who Is The Blame For Poor Music?

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People are fighting to feel a part of their communities even if that means dancing in a specific way or to a particular genre of music. Everyone has that one song that they call their favorite. Is that because of their relation to the song? Or because the song is good compared to other songs that’s been heard? Music is- in ways that are considered general and evenhanded- good or bad. There are a variety of claims that can benefit the good behind music, but who do we blame for the poor being produced or that has been created? Many people delete a bad song and search for something better, never taking time out to interpret that “bad” song or attempting to reveal the poorness of it before placing it in the “bad music” category.
With the dawn of technology, anyone can become the “next big thing” by producing music on a computer. Let’s use Rebecca Black as an example. For starters, Ark Productions was paid by Black’s parents to create the video to her single “Friday”. The storyline to the song is about a thirteen year old girl (Rebecca), who gets into a car driven by another young teenager and sings about how she is going to party. It’s ridiculous to watch and listen to, but it spread quickly after it was posted on YouTube. Although the song was bad, that didn’t stop people from seeing it for themselves without realizing that they were giving the video millions of views, and Rebecca Black…
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