Who Is The Caretaker Of The Group?

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Ever since I was little, I was always considered the caretaker of the group. Whether it was making sure all of my friends had enough to eat at lunchtime or being the first person people come to when they had a problem they needed to solve. Growing up with a single mother, I had to learn quickly how to take care of myself and in turn, I became very good at taking care of others. When I was 12 years old my grandfather passed away, so my mother and I packed our bags and moved in with my grandmother to help take care of her. Living with my grandmother at such a young age was a very rewarding but difficult experience. Since my mother was always out working, I was the one who had to stay home after school with my grandmother and carry out the caretaking tasks. These tasks included bathing, cooking meals, cleaning the house, and many other things. This resulted in me not always being able to spend time with my friends when I wanted to, and I had to give up some of my extracurricular activities throughout high school. In high school I always thought that I wanted to become a special education teacher. My mother worked at a day service center for individuals with mild to severe developmental and intellectual disabilities, so I was always comfortable around people with unique abilities. Senior year however, my grandmother became even more sick and she was hospitalized with Pneumonia. She never fully recovered after her sickness, so she had to make many lifestyle changes and we
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