Who Is The Chicken?

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Sliced turkey, eggs, potatoes with onions and green peppers, and a glass of orange juice. After analyzing and searching the labels on the above items I found the followings: The turkey breast shipped from Houston, Texas. The eggs shipped from Austin, Texas. The potatoes were shipped from Ohio, the onions shipped from California, and finally green peppers were shipped from Mexico. The orange juice was shipped in containers from Florida. I bought all these ingredients items for my breakfast from Wal-Mart store around my house. For the chain of events of these two dinners that my family and I had over this last week I will begin with the Smoked Honey Glazed Ham. This ham obviously came from a large pig that was processed, the actual tag said that it was grown and processed in Illinois. My wife accidentally threw away the label although I had asked her to keep it, but things happen. The process for the actual pig begins on a farm, where the pig is fed and fattened up for consumption. When the pig reaches the right age/weight it is sold and then sent off for processing. At the slaughter house the pig is killed and carved up for our dinner tables, it is then cooked and packaged for the consumer. During the packaging process the ham is treated with preservatives and seasonings to help keep it fresh, then it is sealed, frozen and finally shipped off to the stores. The Golden Potatoes were cultivated in Texas. Where they were grown on a special farm just to raise these potatoes

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