Who Is The Contractor?

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Allison Fiel This agreement is entered on August 20th 2015 between David Duke (The “Customer”), and Paulette Painter (The “Contractor”). Both parties agree to the following: 1. Services Provided. Customer employs the Contractor to complete the following Services in agreement with the terms and conditions stated in this agreement: The Contractor will scrape off all of the loose paint and then apply two coats of paint to the Customer’s house. Contractor shall provide the necessary equipment to perform the Services. Contractor has the needed skills to perform the services in a capable and professional manner and without guidance or direction from the Customer. 2. Time. Contractor agrees that time is of the essence in this…show more content…
5. Relationship of the Parties. Contractor is an independent contractor, not Customer’s employee. Nothing in this Agreement shall generate an employment, agency, partner relationship, or joint venture among the parties. Furthermore, nothing in this Agreement shall oblige the parties to provide one another with confidential information or trade secrets in their personal possession. 6. Compensation. For the services performed by the Contractor as required by this Agreement, the Customer will be responsible for compensation in the amount of $2,500 to be paid in cash immediately In addition to the Compensation, Contractor has the right to charge additional fees for premium paints, the cost of the disposal of paint related waste or any and all other expenses incurred while performing the Services. Expenses over the amount of $150 must be approved in advance by the Customer. 7. Payment and Performance Penalties. In the event that the Customer does not obey with the amount or payment days provided in this Agreement the penalty will be as follows: • The Customer will pay an additional $150 for late payment for every additional week after 14 days of the Contractor’s Services completion. In the event of the Contractor not finishing the Services agreed to on or before November 20th 2015, the penalty will be as follows: • The compensation owed under this Agreement will be reduced by $100 for each day
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