Who Is The Doctor?

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Speaking with her companion patients, Bly was convinced that some were as sane as she was. On the Outcome of her experiences, she wrote:
What, excepting torture, would produce insanity quicker than this treatment? Here is a class of women sent to be cured. I would like the expert physicians who are condemning me for my action, which has proven their ability, to take a perfectly sane and healthy woman, shut her up and make her sit from 6 a.m. until 8 p.m. on straight-back benches, do not allow her to talk or move during these hours, give her no reading and let her know nothing of the world or its doings, give her bad food and harsh treatment, and see how long it will take to make her insane. Two months would make her a mental and physical wreck. (Bly, 1887)
Bly wrote about her own involvement where doctors, with little evidence, pronounced her insane and of other women who were probably just as sane as she was, but who didn 't speak good English or were thought to be unfaithful. She wrote of the horrible food and living conditions, and the generally poor care.
Bly’s series went out after she was revealed. Bly pretends mental illness to report on conditions in the Blackwell’s Island Insane Asylum in New York City. She lived at the institution for 10 days, observing physical cruelty, cold baths, and forced meals of old food. Her report of the cruelty prompted public and political action, which led to reform of the institution. She wrote about this experience in her first

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