Who Is The First Fault?

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Throughout the years, the amount of time that students put forth studying is dwindling down to nearly two thirds of what it used to be. A current sophomore student at George Mason University, Ashley Dixon, has told reporters that college is not what she expected as the work in college is near close to the same work you experience in high school. “I thought I was going to be miserable, trying to get good grades. And I do get good grades, and I’m not working very hard.” This is where the first fault comes in. You can not base the experience of one individual who is simply fortunate enough to not have to try to succeed and compare it to those who actually do try and put forth an effort. Critics are granting the idea that you are awarded high grades when the effort put forth is minimal. This article is speaking to those who are currently in high school and is giving a false pretense to what college is really like. That being said, just because colleges implement physical activity such as sports or clubs, doesn’t mean that takes away from what happens once you 're back home. First off, no matter what study is done to whomever, there can not be one solution to everyone 's problem because everyone is different. There was no evidence shown to why Dixon has such an easy time in college, it is just simply stated that she does not have to try in order to receive desired results. Ohio University researcher, Richard Vedder, states “What students are getting is four or five years of
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