Who Is The Foundation For Modern Families?

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Marriage has always been a defining part of society and still to this day continues to establish the foundation for modern families. However, there has also been a rise in the number of people who choose to cohabitate instead of marry. The couple that I interviewed not only cohabitate with each other, they have also lived with me for a few years now. I have known them both since before their relationship and have observed them grow and function as a successful cohabitating couple through multiple stages of their relationship. The couple that I interviewed are my friend Skylar, who shares this class with me, and his partner Heaven, who is also a great friend of mine. Skylar and Heaven have been together for around three years and I have lived with Skylar for four years. They met in a high school class and they found that they had mutual friends that led to them spending time together and getting to know one another. Skylar and I already worked at Hayden’s BBQ, and then Skylar helped her get a position there. This is when they started dating, having recently both exited relationships, and so started their relationship. Having been present for the entirety of their relationship and knowing both of them on a very deep and personal level myself, I have had a uniquely close vantage point to observe and learn from their growth as a couple. Attachment theory is defined as a theory that postulates that the way in which infants form attachments early in life will affect…

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