Who Is The Good Or Bad?

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A remarkable thing about humankind is the common theme of helping others that occurs almost as frequently as people in need themselves appear. The problem lately in society is that the percentage of those people in need has been steadily rising; it is harder and harder for folks to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and provide for them and their family. This is the reason that many organizations are formed. Charity and giving can often be distinguished in a description, but it is the inherent good that comes out of those that is much harder to define. For example, the intentions of any specific organization are almost impossible to determine, so one cannot conclude absolutely on whether it is doing good or bad in the world. While one…show more content…
I spent my time volunteering at the Clothes Closet, but I was able to snag a tour of the whole building and speak to their CEO, John Kimp. From what I gathered here, the intentions are very good, and the people that work there are legitimately trying to help others. The Good Grocer is almost 40 years younger than Neighbors, Inc., which reflects itself in the updated model of giving and more progressive approach to the matter. It will be interesting to look at Neighbors, Inc. in the next couple months as the CEO that I spoke to is retiring, and there will be a young man from Washington there to replace him. Overall, I view the Good Grocer as more inclusive. It does not have stipulations or requirements for people to use its services, but I also feel that Neighbors can help those that need a lot more than its counterpart. At the food shelf, people can qualify for free food, which translates into free items upstairs at the thrift store as well. This draws more people in because they do not require money to go there and benefit, unlike the grocery store. Another interesting thing to point out is that when I was volunteering at the thrift store, an argument broke out between a seemingly hard to handle customer that is in the store quite often and the associate who was working to keep the store
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