Who Is The Great Gatsby A Millionaire?

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What is one wish you have in life? To be rich and famous, to have a title, or, maybe stumble across a man with money and become a gold digger? In 2012 30,000 Australian’s became millionaires. This brings the total of 178,000 millionaires. In 2014, the total number has risen to 215,000 households, a difference of 37,000. That would mean 7,000 people became a millionaire in 2 years. In comparison to the United States who has 6,906,000 millionaire households, Australia is only 3% of that population. James Gats, or better known as, Jay Gatsby has dreamt his whole life to be rich. From a dirt poor farming family, to a businessman living the American dream. Myrtle Wilson, marrying a man who she thought could provide her everything but turns out…show more content…
The corruption of the American Dream drilled into his brain that wealth, meant everything to impress Daisy. Having the social status of being a millionaire was everything to Gatsby. As Daisy is already living her American Dream of money and luxury provided at a moments notice. Tom was born in to the fortune he now owns and Myrtle being an accessory to Tom, is trying to reach for her dream of being an upper class girl, alluding the thought of belonging outside her threshold of…show more content…
You would obviously think that this is stupid because that amount of meat is disgusting. Lady Gaga a women booming from the music business has an alarming amount of money in which she doesn’t want to spend it on a proper dress, but one made out of meat. Or have you ever spent an overwhelming amount of money of make-up that probably won’t be used until a special event such as: a wedding. Not that someone could tell that it was a M.A.C blush from 2012 in the Autumn/ Winter collection. The reality of the corruption of the American Dream ended in one way. The destruction of this Dream is the idealism of great amounts of money to have status. Gatsby may throw as many million dollar parties as he wants to, but in reality Nick’s description describing those who are still living the illusion of wealth, power and status is to live life without hopes and regrets, “They were careless people, Tom and Daisy- they smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into the money” (pg 180). Overall, the theme of the American Dream and wealth signifies the relation and realization of modern day society still follow this dream. I still dream today that my life could be a better interpretation of Gatsby’s, well maybe not to the death and love extent, but I wouldn’t want to all stop with a shot to the heart that everything will
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