Who Is The Guest Speaker?

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1. Michael Lopez, the guest speaker who presented first, started engaging in crime when his local street football team became a gang. His friends started out as a street football team, that played against the other streets, but as they got older they started committing crimes and fighting with other gangs. He said he did it because he enjoyed the rush of it all, and being in these high thrill moments with his friends (fellow gangsters). It was interesting when he said, at one point he wanted to be a part of the police explorer program, but his dad would not sign his permission slip, and threw it away instead. His father reacted in this way because his parents both sold and abused drugs. Of course they did not want their son working with the police or law enforcement, especially since their home had been raided by the police multiple times. So instead of going on a positive path in life, his families negative influenced led him to a life of gangbanging, drugs, and crime. Social Disorganization theory, by the Shaw and McKay, best explains the experiences of Michael Lopez. First off, Michael Lopez grew up in Huntingtin Park, CA, which many would consider part of the South Central area of Los Angeles. This area is notoriously crime ridden, and Michael Lopez was most likely influenced by the gang culture that he was surrounded by. According to Social Disorganization theory, these areas, such as Huntingtin Park, are called transitional zones. Usually these areas are
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