Who Is The Hacker Notification?

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Past Username/s: https://namemc.com/profile/Sameem/f820c8c9 Age:
Timezone + Country:
Est, Canada
Previous bans (Don 't lie):
I have been tempbanned 2 times. Both for xray admitted.
Do you have a working mic:
Yes, I do. I have a blue snowball ice
Any experience being staff?:

Yes, I have had past experience.
We will take some of this scenarios
? Scenario 1:

You are in a fight against another player and you get a hacker notification what do you do?

If I see the hacker notification I will go in mod mode or staff mode and tell the player I was fighting to pause the fight and will resume when I deal with this hacker if he accepts he will wait till I am done or will pvp someone else. Once I have told the person to wait, I will tp to the hacker and take out my screen recording software, start to record, and wait till he hacks again or will catch him trying to phase or bhop. I would do this in a kitmap since you don 't care about dtr. If this was hcf I would not care 100% of the time if I die because I know there is a player in need and will die to save him.

What would you do if someone is spamming in chat?
Well, I will warn them to stop spamming chat, 3 times. If the bypass the warning I gave him, I will take future construction by temp muting them for about 1 hour. When his temp mute is over, and he is still spamming. If this was allowed I will be temp banning them for 1 hour. If all else fails I will get a higher staff to deal with him.

What would you do
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