Who Is The Hero?

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Hero Hero is a person, who is admired or idealized for courage, bravery, outstanding achievements and noble qualities. Hero is a common word which appears frequently nowadays in people’s life now. From comic books to television programs, and from magazines to movies, the social media is doing nice job to emphasize those heroic stories. The fact is people love heroes because they need heroes in varies situation: those kids are being bullied at school need a hero who steps up and defends them; those who are being robbed and assaulted need a hero to stops the crime; people who is drunk and is about to drive home needs hero to enforces the safety. In addition, people want to be heroes. They want to be that unique individual who helps others, saves others and stands up for what they believed and what is right. But what is hero? This simple question can have so many different answers. Depending on personal standards, the definition for hero can be different; however, for those who called heroes must have these common characteristics: positive influence to the society, honor and integrity, also the courage to serve and sacrifice. First of all, a hero must have some kind of positive influence to the society or the people around him. Often heroes lead by the personal standards, and they use themselves as examples to show and educate those people who look up at them. And also, hero’s action and vision often inspires people and society. In the short story of John H. Franklin’s “The

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