Who Is The Hero 's Journey?

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One of the most thought of and unanswered questions that we humans ponder over is, “ what is the meaning of life?” We might not know the answer to that question, but what we can do is look at our lives and the lives around us and compare it to the Hero’s Journey. Now the Hero’s Journey is an, “ all-embracing metaphor for the deep inner journey of transformation that heroes in every time and place see to share, a path that leads them through great movements of separation, descent, ordeal, and return”. Everyone has their own goals in their lives and how they want to accomplish them. Many want to go to college for extra education and study and get a degree in what they are interested for a occupation. For example, a student could have a goal one day to become a lawyer and to establish a law firm in Chicago. So in order to do so, he or she must take the time to hit the books, get good grades, and do whatever is necessary to accomplish what they set out to do. The end product of whatever happens to that student is only part of the Hero’s Journey. It’s not about the end product, for it is about the journey that the student experienced through his life time to eventually get to his goal. Now in the Hero’s journey, there is usually a special weapon or talent that the protagonist is either born with or has received. To clear any confusion up, a special gift or talent may include a lightsaber (Luke SkyWalker), a ring (Lord of the Rings), or even a lightning shaped scar (Harry

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