Who Is The Ideal Social Worker?

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This particular client was very withdrawn, quiet, fearful of telling the truth, fearful of mother reactions to services and not familiar with working with lighter skinned people. This client was hesitant initially with treatment and services and seemed to not be aware of the unhealthy situation she was in. She did not have ambitions, plans, or hopes for the future. The client was compliant to the mother’s requests, and did not stand up for herself when being attacked verbally or physically. This all presented a challenge for me as her social worker to make connections outside of the obvious fact that we were from completely different worlds. Building trust with this client seemed impossible at first. We may have seen faster results if I referred another social worker that was more culturally acceptable for this client. The ideal social worker might have been one of African American decent, female, and with more experience of what the client was coming from. The mother has instilled this thought that Caucasian people are not to be trusted and we had to break through that barrier by confronting the culture difference, acknowledging it, and then moving on. Our location for services was busy, crowded, and not very private. It was important to make sure the client knew the confidentiality rules that I would adhere to and that we could sit within a close but comfortable distance in order for others not to hear what we discussed. Ideally if we had more funding for these services
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