Who Is The Leader?

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We are all called to be Leaders. At some point in your life you will play the leadership role. Some of you do it everyday and don’t realize it. What is a leader, any who has influence over someone. Let’s look at some synonyms for leader are: head,supervisor, overseer,conductor. To prove my point that we are all called to be leaders; I have listed some action words for leader: adapted, advocated, aided, answered, arranged, assessed, assisted, cared for,clarified, coached, collaborated, contributed, cooperated, counseled, demonstrated, diagnosed, educated, encouraged, ensured, expedited, facilitated,familiarize, furthered, guided, helped, insured, inspired, intervened,motivated,provided, referred,rehabilitated, presented,resolved,simplified,supplied, supported, volunteered. Whoa, yes I listed them all; and one time or another, I have is presently, or will fill each of these roles, and you will too; so we end up leading willingly or not. You may not lead a company, group, etc but you will fulfill this role in your personal life. An awesome point that the Holy Spirit laid on my heart while compiling the action words list. Jesus is a leader and he performs these roles on daily basis for everyone. He died for all mankind, and he offers his leadership to all mankind, but we must submit to his required standards. He can’t lead us if we will not follow, remember he is a great leader so he will not force us to follow him. He leads by example. He created a system

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