Who Is The Marine Corps?

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Jamie always measures her life by the weekends she spends in Washington. It’s the only way she knows how, it’s always been that way. The time she is spent away from Washington are, in their entirety, spent thinking about the next time she’ll be there again. It’s where her happiness is, it’s where her favorite childhood memories took place, and it’s where he is. This time, she was especially anxious, though.
Nick was getting ready to go into the military. The Marine Corps, to be more specific.
“You ready to go?” Nick asked her as he shut the car door.
They were going out to get ice cream, he picked her up from her condo in downtown Washington. This would be the last time they saw each other until he completed boot camp.
“Of course!” she replied, trying to fake a smile.
Nick took her hand and squeezed it.
“I’ll be back before you know it, there’s nothing to worry about, babe,” he reassured her.
“I know. It’s just a long time this time, usually I only go without seeing you for a week or two at the most. Actually, anything could happen...” she replied.
“I know… But what’s that supposed to mean, ‘anything could happen’?” he asked.
She shook her head and looked out the window, turning away from Nick.
“Jamie. What’s that supposed to mean? Are you gonna do something? Or?” he asked, this time more anxiously.
Jamie quickly turned back to meet his eyes.
“No, I’m not going to ‘do anything’ but thanks for assuming,” she snapped.
“I didn’t mean to assu-” he began.
“Yeah you are. And…

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